Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today is the Day


My name is Beth and today is the day. Today I become a card carrying member of the blog world. Yes, it's just Beth, and Karese is my middle name. Why did I wait to blog till now? Pressure.

Because now I need to take pictures, and write, and respond to commenters. And most importantly to create.

I have Got from so many blogs this year. I feel like it's time for me to Give.

I need to pick up my creating pace. Truth about my first header? Abe (Lincoln) would say it was started it 1 score and 6 years ago. (Yeah, 1983!) You bloggers motivated me to finish it. Yes you did. And YES it's done! (Pics for another post.) Thank you.

Pressure can be good. I'll never live long enough to do every pattern that I love. I expect - and want - the pressure of this blog to keep my fingers moving. Because this will be pretty lame if I never create anything. I will make a tiny dent in my wish list.

Today is also the day before. The day before my O day. Indulge me a moment because it's been big on my mind. Tomorrow is one of those O birthdays. Two O birthdays start with an F. This is my second one. The first time, I was fine. I found this one is harder to take. But time rolls along and you gotta roll with it. If you're older than me, laugh at my silliness. If you're younger, nm. If you're my age, Hawaii and Alaska became states the year we were born. We're in good company. People enjoy their trips to those states. If you find your way back here again, I'll try to make your trip pleasant. Thanks for dropping by.


Carrie P. said...

Welcome Beth to blogging. Love your header. I look forward to seeing all of it and all that you do.
And Happy Birthday. Enjoy your birthday and blogging.

parTea lady said...

Welcome to wonderful blogland. Your header is lovely. My hubby is the cross-stitcher in this family. Those birthdays sneak up pretty fast. I can't believe my next big 0 is coming up in the spring, and it has yours beat. ;-)

Lizzie said...

Hi Beth, well a belated welcome to the blogging world and a belated very big Happy Birthday, it's OK, it's only an F number not an F word. So you're allowed to say it!! I have one of those next year and I'm thinking of leaving the country, it's a decade more than yours and the kids did the surprise party bit on the last zero one, so they've promised no more!! I'll live (I hope) ;o).
Have a good weekend.

NanaKaren said...

Hi ~ Chris (Crispy) sent me here to see your new blog. I think you're off to a great start! Your work looks lovely and shows how much care you take with it.

Will drop by again soon!