Sunday, January 4, 2015

Try, Try Again

I've jumped back into blogging.  My heart wanted it.  It's my partner, my coach, my diary.  It was time.  I've been stitching more and more over the past few months.  It makes me happy.  (I just wish it had aerobic benefits!)  I've kept up with favorite blogs, who constantly inspire and amaze me.  Instagram and Facebook may be a better match for some, but I prefer blogs.

I'm stitching this little guy today.  He's mister July :-)

I love snowmen.  And stars.

Knitting had been whispering to me for quite a while.  I finally gave in.  I discovered the wonderful Ravelry.  I learned to knit when I was little.  You Tube helped me remember.  I learned to knit the right-hand method... or English, or throwing.  But I'm working on the Continental method, practicing until I'm confident that my stitches are consistent.  Good brain exercise.  It's starting to make sense and come more easily.  Baby steps.   

See?  Snowmen.  Stars.  

Good thing to do on a bitter cold day.  (Yeah, that zero was the high today.)

I'm linking to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday.  (What a wonderful idea!)  I should be able to sneak in a few more stitches before bed.  

I've written an ambitious list to accomplish in 2015.  Yay.