Monday, October 12, 2009

Note to Self

Note to self:  in the future, do NOT post pictures of snowmen in October.

Because mother nature has a sense of humor.

And likes to join in the fun.

Note to reader:  do NOT think this means I'm one of those every day posters. Lower your expectations. LOL. Reality will strike soon and my wooziness will calm down. I've stepped into such a great world of friendliness.

Plus it won't snow every day.

At least not for awhile. 


(For you who wonder... a big warm up is predicted for the weekend and the only memory of this will be these pictures.)

In the next post, I'll share something I'm working on. Thanks for allowing this interruption.


Purple Pam said...

I like the embroidered snowman better than the wet snowman. Snow in October? Brrrrrr!

Welcome to Blogland. Hope you have a pleasant journey.

MamaT said...

Welcome to Blog World! And happy birthday. I like both your snowmen. I'm sure you're glad one of them will be gone soon. We're having an early,cool fall here in Oklahoma, but no winter yet.

Marj said...

Wow, if this is what happens when you post about snownmen on your blog, then I'm not going to mention them on mine....LOL

Salem Stitcher said...

That is one happy little snowman in his bath. I'm going to start posting about snowmen everyday because it never snows around here any more and I miss it.

Carrie P. said...

I love seeing snow. We just don't seem to get much around here as we have in the past.

Carol said...

A happy snowman to go along with your smiley stitchy one. How appropriate :)
I collect snowmen and am looking forward to unpacking many of them after Thanksgiving.
Welcome to the world of blogging. Hope you enjoy.

Robin Hill Quilts said...

Hi Beth!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I am looking out the window here in Ma, and it is snowing big dish size pieces of tissue paper..weird...and cool..and way too soon! but it makes for a perfect day in the sewing room..Welcome aboard beth! I love your snowman~