Friday, February 19, 2010

Sign language

See my hand waving to you?  That's my first "sign language", letting you know I'm still here.  I know I've been "gone" for awhile.  Lately sewing, and blogging, has come in fits and spurts.  I'd love it if it were more even and steady, bu reality is that my job can have demanding stretches, and combined with life's obligations, sometimes I'm left with little time - or energy - for those pleasures.  

I have managed to make progress on my little quilt, but I've been trying to hold off showing it until it's together.  I'm "this" close!  See my hand with my finger and thumb nearly touching?

I've joined tonight's Friday Night Sew In again.  Fingers-crossed that the top gets finished tonight.  I think it's doable.

Here's some visual shots of the word accumulate.  My thumb is pointing down.  I don't hate winter, but at this point I'm looking forward to it going away.

All the lovely evergreens that were in the pot are buried. 

That's a 48" metal ruler shoved into the snow pile near the door. 

Looking out the front to the left down the street. 

Looking up the street.  The sun came out!

You can almost make out the steps leading up the back yard from the house. 

These icicles are a big thumbs down.  When I was little, I thought they were so cool looking.  Now I know that the damage they can cause to a house.  (Ice forms along the roof edge, called ice dams, and when the snow melts, the ice can block the water from running off the roof.  With no where to go, the water can leak into the roof.  The ice was removed shortly after these pics.)

(I've got a couple other shots to share next time, showing a couple neat things about winter and snow.) 

For those of you who stopped by, a high five to you for paying me a visit.  I will try my best to post more regularly, and I hope you'll be understanding if I fall off course from time to time. 

These fingers are ready to sew, click and type.  TGIF! 


Crafty Maine Mom said...

Well I'm giving you a big thumbs up for trying to get everything done! (and in that weather)

Lurline said...

To me, it looks beautiful, Beth! I certainly hope Spring peeps through for you soon!
Hugs - Lurline♥

wishes, true and kind said...

Thanks for the link to the sew-in. I think I will have the house to myself tonight -- so it's on!

parTea lady said...

I grew up in the Great White North. I remember snow plows, snowdrifts and icicles, although I haven't seen any in the 15 years I've been in GA.

Enjoyed seeing your winter photos. Hope you will have lots of sewing and blogging time coming up.

Lizzie said...

Gorgeous photo's Beth, we girls down here can only imagine that sort of winter!

Crispy said...

I haven't been blogging much lately either, still plugging along on hand quilting that stupid Baltimore (can you tell I'm getting bored with it? LOL). Your snow looks almost as bad as ours. I have heard a rumor.....something about spring coming....yeah right, that just means heavy wet snow instead of light fluffy snow LOL


Teresa said...

Nice pictures...we are having a "low snow" year in southeast Michigan, although we are supposed to get some on Monday.

Isn't it a bummer how life gets in the way of our sewing? I have just enough guilt in me to not enjoy sewing if there are things I should be getting done elsewhere.

I also have a 12-year-old, and I don't want her on Oprah some day telling the world how her mom picked fabric over her. LOL

Hang in there!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Carrie P. said...

Awesome! pictures from this post and the last one. The snow from the railing is so neat.
We have snow falling as I write.

estetik said...

I will try my best to post more regularly, and I hope you'll be understanding if I fall off course from time to time.