Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first quilt - chapter 5

Chapter 5

370 became 144.  (On their way to become one.)   

In every moment of free time, I'd stitch some more. I was on a roll. Took about 3 days. Excitement was building. No seam ripper. Yay!

(This is the happy part of the story where you get to know the characters and things are going along so well.)

I kept thinking about doing square dance back in grade school while doing these guys. 

Grab your partner................ and bow to the ladies..............  and promenade right....

Okay, maybe it's just me. lol.


Next chapter, rising tension and crisis.  :-)


paulette said...

Dosee-doe and all join hands...I hear where you're going with this..can't wait till you sashay to the finish line!!
Take care, ya hear!

Barb said...

Love your color choices -
I loved square dancing and still remember:
All join hands, now you circle the ring, stop where you are give your honey a swing, swing that little girl behind you...
thanks for the memory!
good luck on the project

Kaaren said...


Robin said...

Wow! Look at you go! That is a serious pile. Can't wait to start seeing how they all go together. :)

Crispy said...

You are making progress...Are You Done Yet? LOL