Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first quilt - chapter 7

We left off on the quest to replace the cheddar.  Aww come on, you knew I'd be visiting my local quilt shops!  Let's just say I did a fine job growing my stash.  It came down to these last 6, and any one of them would have worked.  (Yes, I really did pin the blocks to these candidates and lay it on my couch in this struggle to decide.)  But in the end, there was one that spoke to me. 

Ta da!  Did you guess right? 

There was more drama as I finished piecing the top.  My faithful friend - my seam ripper - helped me out of a few "accidents", without judgement.  My other faithful friend - Bella, our dog - caused a real accident.  See? 

Fortunately, neither the dog nor the machine were hurt.  Bella is a Newfoundland.  She caught the cord with her leg, and luckily the machine didn't fall on her.  It emphasized the need to find a permanent spot to set up my sewing.  The dining table won't work for what's clearly more than a passing interest (as in, I'm loving quilting!!). 

The machine?  It's built like a tank... all metal and nothing broke. 

Here's a couple more shots.  I worked on it last night.

It's been a good test of my sewing skills.  There are a few points that got chopped off and it's about a 1/4" bigger than it's supposed to be.  But none of that bothers this perfectionist. 

Here's a full shot.  The top is done!!  I love to run my hands over it and feel all those seams. 

Oh yeah, I'm hooked!

I've selected the next pattern and purchased fabric.  It's 51" x 51", so I'm moving up in size, but it does seem a bit small for a lap quilt.  I've been doing the math on increasing it to 51" x 59 1/2" or 59 1/2" x 68".  (If you have advice on the best size, let me know.)  I need to get more fabric if I increase the size, and because the fabric line was released nearly a year ago it's getting tougher locating it, but I think I found a source today. 

(I also purchased a beautiful, cross stitch sampler, linen and silk thread.  I'll share that soon.) 

Of course the little top isn't a quilt until it's quilted.  I'm going to give hand quilting a whirl.  Wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes.  Thanks for everyone's encouragement and words of wisdom!!!!  You're the best!


As promised, here's a couple neat winter shots.

The snow on the railing slid off, but it was solid enough that it stayed this way all day!  Pretty wild!

Winter is quiet.  The snow muffles and absorbs all noise. 

Winter is clear.  The air and sky are so clear this time of year. 

Winter is white.  That's obvious. 

But winter is also blue.  The whole world turns beautiful shades of blue at dawn and dusk.  I took this shot early one morning.  It really was that color. 

Enjoy your weather wherever you live!  And may your hands stay busy and happy.


paulette said...

Didn't your heart just about stop when you saw your sewing machine on the floor like that? It sure stopped mine!! I'm so glad dog and machine are fine!! ;o)

Jandi said...

I almost had a little cry for you when I saw the picture of your machine. My machine broke over the summer and I was at a complete loss. I had only been sewing for a couple of months but had no idea what I used to do with all the time I spend sewing. I'm glad to hear it is okay!

Crispy said...

Love your little quilt!! That drape of snow is amazing and I love the morning blue snow too :0)


Kaaren said...

Great job, Beth! Woo hoo! Now it's time to enjoy my favorite part... the hand quilting...which is therapy to me.

There is a lot to be said for the metal case machines. I'm sure if it were one of the plastic ones, it would be history. I'm happy to hear that both the dog and machine are none the worse for wear.

Enjoy the snow that has eluded us for the better part of this winter...not that I'm complaining, mind you!

wishes, true and kind said...

Great job! I love that you auditioned so many fabrics! That's the way to get just the look you want!

Thank goodness your dog and machine are both safe!

I love the picture of the snow coming off of the railing! I called my son over to look and he didn't think it was real. I've never seen anything like it in our area. When it goes, it just crumbles off or melts down. Very cool picture.

Nancy said...

My dinner nearly came up after seeing your machine on the floor... So glad it survived.

I love the fabric you picked. From a distance it almost looked like polka dots...

Welcome to the Wide World Of Quilting....

Robin said...

Beautiful work, Beth! What a fun quilt this will be. Good luck on the quilting-- try not to stress and remember to have fun with it! :)

Karen said...

Your quilt looks wonderful Beth!Hope you find the hand quilting enjoyable.

Carrie P. said...

Well look at you with your first top done. It is great.
Oh, man, so glad your dog and machine are okay.
If you have a local library close by you should see if they have this book. It really helped me with my quilting even though I still need a lot of practice.

parTea lady said...

Your first quilt looks great. I like the pattern and colors. My sewing machine mishap was similar to yours, except it was my grandson who pulled it off the table by riding his trike through the cord.

Unfortunately mine is a computerized machine and all the little bits flew everywhere and it cost me a pretty penny to repair. :-(

I also like your winter photos.

Noelle said...

I jumped over from Wishes, True and Kind....

We have weird karma....are you ready? I have a newf named Bella (she hasn't yet caught my power cord but I too am in a 'temporary' spot). AND I am making my very first quilt - I have 2 more rows to go and the top will be finished.

I enjoyed reading your "chapters".

Joan said...

Hi Beth...and now I am a follower too :) I am #41...Love your blog...and your quilt is georgeous...How are you going to quilt it? looking forward to seeing how you go with it..thanks for sharing