Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sew what?

Show and tell time.  I signed up for the Friday night sew-in.  One minor problem... I didn't sew. 

I cut.  (You need pieces cut before you can sew.  If you know another way, tell me. Grin.)

I'm slow, since I haven't done much rotary cutting before. This is still a fairly new process for me. And I love it.

When the fabric is cut it takes on a different look. I was trying to think how to describe it. Well... it's like a photo that's been cropped.

The change surprised me. And delighted me. I didn't expect it. I've never heard anyone mention it before. 

I probably only cut about a quarter of the strips that I needed yesterday and continued today. I had a light fabric picked out, but I'm not settled on it yet. I need to decide soon because I want to get to the sewing part.

It's really neat seeing all these little pieces lining up. Waiting for the party to begin.

I've also been making progress on prepping my applique pieces for the next two CWBQ blocks. 

Oh!  I was so excited today because I received my first gift from blogging!  Crispy offered to send me a few needles to try and I've been watching the mail for the last couple days.  When I opened the package I was so surprised to see that she sent me a fat quarter of this gorgeous fabric too!  Thank you Crispy!!!  It's so pretty.  And I can't wait to try the needles. 

One last thing... I'll share something that made me laugh the other day.  On the wrapper on a feminine hygiene product it had words.  It said Never Give Up.  Then I looked at another and it said Enjoy Life! (complete with the exclamation point).  What marketing genius decided this product needed motivational phrases?  Funny.   


Kaaren said...

Another stripper, huh?

Nope, I don't know an easier way, Beth but I'll be checking back to see if anyone has the magic formula where one can just sit down and sew without the prep work. Is there such a thing as a "prep fairy"?

Love that red fabric. I have a whole collection and I don't think I have that one.

The prepping is done. Now comes the fun part.

Crispy said...

I hate the prep process of quilting but I haven't found a way around it yet either LOL.

BTW, you are most welcome....gotta have a little padding when sending needles :0)


Teresa said...

I love the blues and browns in your strip pile...I can't wait to see what you are going to do with those!!

I love the transformation of fabric to cut pieces, ready to play. This is most exciting when I am diving through my scrap containers for just the right little bit. It is often wrinkled beyond recognition and looks most unpromising. Then I press it and make it is exciting.

Often my folded stash seems overwhelming, then once it is cut and ready to go it is more focused, ordered and has purpose. Of course, I am completely obsessed with fabric!!

It seems too warm in southeast Michigan...a little above freezing...truly a very weird is Minnesota??

In sttiches,
Teresa :o)

paulette said...

The wrapper should say "Enjoy life...menopause is just around the corner!!" :o)

Robin said...

Wow! Somehow, you manage to make cutting sound positively zen. I swear, that is the least favorite part of the quilting process for me (I think even more so than basting!). But the way you describe it... you're right. The way cut fabric changes perspective is pretty cool. I'm definitely going to have to try and see it through your eyes next time!

Happy stitching!

Lizzie said...

Those blues in your strips are looking delicious Beth and looking forward to seeing your CWBQ blocks.

wishes, true and kind said...

LOL. Cutting can be a chore unto itself -- but it can be a very enjoyable chore! What quilter among us can resist fondling fabric?

parTea lady said...

That is a nice collection of fabric strips you have cut. I took a Log Cabin class once and it turned out nicely, but I still haven't put on the sashing and borders.

I like your cross-stitch piece (I don't do that, but hubby does) and applique. I'm looking forward to hearing your tips for framing.

Carrie P. said...

Looks like you have been very busy. Can't wait to see what you are up too. Rotary cutting does take a little practice. Just don't get slack. I had a student cut her finger in a class of mine. Bleeds a lot when you cut that finger. Be careful,
How very nice of Crispy to add a little surprise. I really like that fabric too.

Deb said...

Projects look great Beth - and what a fabulous surprise with that yummy red fabric.