Monday, January 4, 2010

Return to reality

How I spent my Christmas vacation.

Christmas was very nice. This is the quiet Christmas period of our lives. There's a different tempo between the kids-are-little phase and the grandkids phase. (DD is 19 and DS is 17.) It's softer and slower and sweet in its own way.

Christmas dinner turned out good. I learned a few things. They will make the first holiday in years "memorable". 

Homes have an evil sense of humor... and timing.

(The bathroom sink plugged... and the kitchen sink too... DH plunge plunge plunge...more plunging, bringing up water that looks like black dirt... broken sewer pipe?... visions of tearing up the front yard and $$$... DH thinks sewer vent could be blocked with snow... he climbs up on snowy roof (yipes)... not blocked... plunge PLUNGE PLUNGE... may need to haul everything to inlaws... more PLUNGING... until it FINALLY released. Followed by MUCH cleaning.  Eeeew. Dinner was not harmed in the incident. Later, my FIL said this happened every few years when they lived here... a kinked spot where the pipes meet which can create a slow build up... apparently timed to release at Christmas 2009. LOL)

A bare hand isn't a potholder.

(I was making gravy... needed the measuring cup... where did I put it?... counter? dishwasher?... shoot, the gravy is boiling, so hold pan off stove with one hand... now where is the cup?... needed to transfer pan to other hand, so I set it ONTO fingers of right hand. Oh yes I did. Shivery, make-me-nearly-cry pain. My hand spent the rest of Christmas in cold water and ice. And recovered amazingly well within a few days, I might add.)

I don't know turkey anatomy... and neither does my DH.

(Recipe says to check temp in breast... except I don't know where it is... ask DH to do it... oh oh it's too done... seems a little early, but thermometers don't lie... after it rested and DH was carving, it was clear that it needed more time... I will tell you that DH did raise chickens when we lived in the country... and he seeems to know everything... he will tell you that I had the bird upside down... recovery involved slices of nearly-done turkey being microwaved... and it turned out fine.)

Watching a friend disappear in front of you is heartbreaking.

(There is a dear couple that spends many holidays and birthdays with our family. She was lively and talkative and funny. Now, Alzheimers. She's only 62. She is mostly quiet now, and it is deafening.)

I had intended on doing lots of stitching between Christmas and New Years. But it felt like pressure, not fun.  I listened to my heart and relaxed and unwound. Enjoyed taking things slow.  

I did finish the September redwork snowman block, and transferred and began stitching the January block.

I looked at my inspiration books to see what quilt I want to make with machine piecing, and drafted a few possibilities.  I bought fabric.

I went to the framers and they're making a frame for the cross stitch that's in my header.

I started prepping pieces for the next two blocks of my CWBQ.

Like many of you, I have goals for 2010.  I'll list them this week.

It's time to return to reality. I'm ready. It was a good vacation.


Kaaren said...

I think my DH summed it all up about an hour ago. Although being retired, he drives school bus just for something to do and to get out of the house. When he came in this morning after his run he said something to the effect of, "The two week holiday was great but I was ready to go back." So were the kids.

A break from routine is nice but that same routine seems to also offer comfort in a wierd sort of way. I'm ready for 2010 and it looks like you are too, Beth.

paulette said...

Holidays are always great but I must admit I like the in between times better! Anticipation.... Expectations...whatever it is I`m glad it`s over and we can get on with January!! Have a wonderful January!! Take care!

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh Beth...I've still got my boys home from college and have another week of a full house and my own routine messed up. I'm anxious for the quiet days again...though they will be missed. So much of a good thing after a while turns into wanting routine back.

parTea lady said...

Hope your burned hand is better. I was making chicken cordon bleu many years ago and guess I wasn't paying enough attention. I misjudged depth and dipped the tips of my fingers in the hot oil. I had blisters under all my nails. Ouch.

Your redwork snowman is really pretty.

Annie said...

Hi Beth!...I love your blog!...Can you please tell me where you found the snowmen BOM?...I would love to stitch too!...Blessings to you and yours...Annie

Crispy said...

Oh Beth you had me laughing so hard, except at your burned hand and your poor friend. Making Christmas memorable is good, but you really didn't need to go to so much work ROFL.


Notjustnat said...

Beth, Mr Snowman looks great. I am stitching one too, but I started with Dec. I will get the Jan's block started soon - Hugs Nat

Janet said...

Your snowman block looks fabulous, I loved all your posts on tips and hints for the embroidery too. There were a few things there that will help me.