Friday, December 18, 2009

More redwork tidbits

A few more quick tidbits from yesterday's post.

If you're interested in the pattern for the redwork snowmen, you can purchase it from Wellington House Designs.  I purchased my pattern through Quilt Cove in Eagan, one of my favorite local quilt shops, if you're in the area.  The designer also sells a pattern for finishing it as a wall hanging, here.  I haven't decided how I'll set the blocks, although I have some great fabric picked out.

I did not use the stitches that were recommended on the pattern.

For my redwork, I use a hoop.  I keep the fabric just slightly loose in the hoop for stitching, just enough so I can make the stitches.  If I set the hoop on a table and push down in the middle of the hoop the fabric will just barely touch the table.

When I washed the first block, I realized I had a little too much tension in the stitches.  I'm still working on that.  Thank goodness for irons!

There's always something to improve on, isn't there?


paulette said...

Beth, I lOVE this pattern!! I also love the A-Z Snowmen stitchery. My only complaint is how they sell their patterns...I want it all in one package for one price. Is this a way for the company to make more money...thinking we won't notice the actual cost if we pay a bit each month? Don't mind's early and I'm still on my first coffee but it something that bothers me. At least the snowmen patterns are do-able cost wise. I HATE BOMS that cost $130 just for all the blocks. I really think quilters need to unite and refuse to pay this much. We need to say no and refuse to buy it! Even if they are darn cute. There I've had my rant for the day....poor Beth! I do love your redwork and can't wait to see it on your post. Take care and thanks for the ear! ;o)

Notjustnat said...

Thanks for the info where to get the snowman patterns. I love snowman and might get some to get a head start for next Christmas - Hugs Nat

Crispy said...

Well I didn't know about have the fabric looser in the hoop, I always had it drum tight. Another thing to remember LOL.


Robin said...

A hoop? Hmmm... I may have to try that. The snowmen are so cute!