Saturday, December 19, 2009

Commenting on Blogs

The calendar might say it's still fall, but winter - and snow - is here to stay for the next few months.  It's the serene season.  The front planter is filled with greens, red twig dogwood and dried hydrangeas. 

Do you comment on blogs?  For a long time I didn't.  Why?  Because I didn't understand how it works and it seemed complicated.  It also seemed like you needed to have a blog to comment.  (You don't.)  Skip down a couple paragraphs below if you're interested.

I still don't comment on every post or blog I enjoy.  It takes time and I've found myself overwhelmed with the things I've added to my regular to-do list in the last couple months: writing my blog, stitching more, and commenting, in addition to work and normal life stuff.  I'm slowly adding to the list and trying to find a balance.  I am very grateful for the comments I receive because I know you've taken the time for me.

When you leave a comment, do you get a reply from the blogger back to your email?  You should... maybe not to every comment, but if you've NEVER received an email reply, you may be a "Noreply".  (Theresa W, I thought about this because you came up as a Noreply.)  It adds another dimension to this friendly blog-land... kind of like pen pals.  Did you have a pen pal when you were growing up?  I had a girl from England and looked forward to writing to her and receiving letters from her.  But I'm geting off track.... 

Fix your Noreply

If you use Blogger, it's simple to fix the no reply.  Sign in to Blogger, click Edit Profile (from your Dashboard), put a check on 'Show my email address', enter your email address in the 'Email address' spot, then click Save Profile.  That's it!

Want to comment without having a blog?

Okay, now to those of you who don't have a blog and never comment, but want to.  Here's what I'd suggest (although like everything, this isn't the only way). 

Before you go to the first step, now's the time to set up a separate email account if you want the blog correspondence to be separate from your other email.  (For example, I set up a free Gmail account.)
  1. Go to the Blogger start page.
  2. Click Create a Blog.  Trust me... you won't create a blog.
  3. Fill in the fields on the Create a Google Account form, then click Continue. 
    (If you already have a Google Acount, click 'sign in first' at the top of the page and log in.)
  4. Here's where you take the fork off the blog road.  On the 'Name your Blog' page, click at the bottom where it says 'Skip this and create a blog later'. 
  5. Are you at the Dashboard page?  Good.  Click on 'Edit Profile'.  The minimum you need to check or enter are the first three items below:
    • Check 'Show my email address'
    • Enter your 'Email address'
    • Enter your 'Display Name'
    • I hope you add a picture.  Just be sure it is no larger than 50k.
    • If you want people to be able to see an "About Me" page about you, check 'Share my profile' and fill in some info about yourself in the other boxes, especially the 'About Me' spot in the Extended section, and whatever else you want to share.
    • Click Save and you're done!
If you prefer to enjoy reading blogs quietly, enjoy! I don't mind and I certainly understand.


paulette said...

Hi Beth!
Just popping in to say HI!! Great posting!! Love your snow pics! Glad it's at your house and not at mine!!
Take care!

gill said...

i agree with all you say - i have no blog but read a lot and comment on a few - wondered why no one ever replied!! have now edited my profile - many thanks!!
have a great christmas

Cathy said...

Your instructions are great Beth, it can be frustrating to have someone comment, then we can't thank them cause they are no reply. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas xo

Crispy said...

I'm a commentor/replyer type person. I love seeing e-mails from my bloggy friends in my inbox, especially the ones that are not a comment but just a friendly hello. It does take a while to find the right balance of blogs to follow but in order to have time for actual sewing you do have to trim back sometimes. I love that you gave the instructions for the no-reply thing.