Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekends are too short

Last night we went to the annual lutefish dinner at a nearby church. For me it signals the start of the holiday season. It's that "thing" that makes it real that Christmas is around the corner.

The folks that serve wear Scandinavian-like costumes. We hear silly Norwegian jokes about Ole, Sven, and Lena. Lefse can be purchased at the bake sale. We sit at long tables as containers of potatoes, Swedish meatballs, corn, coleslaw, and other goodies are passed down, family style. There is plenty of lutefisk. Yeah, I do eat it.

We had finished the main dinner and they were about to start passing the desserts - cold, fruit soup and cookies - when my 16 year old DS mentioned he was still hungry. He wanted more lutefisk. We flagged one of the ladies, who came back with a big dish of it. It made me think of a Norwegian Oliver Twist, "Please sir, may I have more lutefisk?"  Makes me smile.

Next year I'll try to remember to bring my camera.

Do you have something that signals the beginning of your holidays?

I was optimistic that I'd be done with block 5 of CWBQ by the end of the weekend, but I couldn't ignore the whining of the errands, laundry and cleaning that required attention. I suppose clean underwear and groceries are important. ;-)

I'm beginning to think ahead to the next blocks. The fabric choices need time to percolate before they're final. 

This is what I'm thinking for block 20.

I'm leaning towards bluebird-like colors for the bird (the fabrics on the left).

Bluebirds were fairly common about 40 years ago, but then declined drastically. There have been efforts to recover the population by setting up special bluebird nest boxes, which have helped. Someday I hope to see one in the wild.

These are the auditions for block 2.

I heard from some of you that don't mind doing stems. Maybe I was too quick to judge. Since there are more in my future, I'll give them another chance.

Time to go, the laundry is calling. Weekends really are too short.


paulette said...

I can't wait to see the finished block!! It is going to be gorgeous!!
Lutefisk brought back memories of a lovely family who lived next door to my mom and dad- they were Swedish and would serve Lutefisk every Xmas...I liked it but my brother would always made barfing sounds when now one was looking -the brother from hell! Come to think of it he is still annoying! :o) Take care!

Robin said...

I've never tried lutefisk... I may have to give it a shot. You make it sound like it must be pretty tasty! :) We don't have any particular special signals for the start of the holidays at my house. But, I guess, the first batch of Chex Mix of the season is pretty close. I only make it after Halloween and before Christmas (mostly because otherwise I would eat way too much of it!).

Since I discovered the glory that is the Clover bias maker, stems are a much happier experience for me. Your fabric auditions look lovely... I'm especially loving all of the different greens you are choosing!

Crispy said...

Oh yes we have a lutefisk festival in our neighboring town (7 miles away). I always tease them about stinking up the state with that lye soaked slimy stinky fish (can you tell I don't eat it?) LOL. The waitresses at their festival are all named Lena, so you just holler for Lena and you get lots of good service LOL.

Oooo love the fabrics! I was lucky and actually saw a blue bird in the wild when in Michigan.


Carrie P. said...

Sounds like a fun evening.
Love your fabric choices.
I have a bluebird house and watch 3 broods be born this past summer. I have seen some of them this fall out in the yard. You can go here if you want to read more about them. I love watching them.

Amelia said...

I love trying out the fabrics! Its one of my fav things...but at times i can become a little OCD. I do have a question what is lutefisk?

Love the redwork snowman hes is just lovely!

Paula said...

Yes what is lutefisk, I wonder is it dry fish, like we have in Iceland called "hardfiskur". Love your fabric, are you doing Civil War Bride? I just bought the pattern but havn't started yet.

LeKaQuilt said...

I whis that you had photos form your lutefisk dinner, sounds like a fun evening.
And it's so great that some tradition from the old country is hold on to.

Janet said...

I looked up Lutefisk and I'm sure it must be an aquired taste. The fabrics for your next block look great. I love the lighter greens.

Notjustnat said...

Hi Beth, Lutefisk how interesting to read your post tonight. I just watched Joanna Lumley in the land of the Northern lights on TV. She saw them preserved the fisk. I told DH that Norway is on the card for visit! Love your fabrics for block 20. I am working on the table block and just posted the ufo of it today. Looking forward to seeing it - Hugs Natima