Friday, November 13, 2009

Progress, sure and steady

I'm plugging away. 

I like watching the picture emerge with every piece. It reminds me of a Poloroid. Remember those? You would snap the picture and at first there was nothing. Slowly the magic would happen and you'd start to see images come into view.  (True, it didn't take 2-3 weeks... don't burst my analogy.)

 Ah stems. Boring stems. Does anyone enjoy stitching stems?  Because I tried. I did make peace with the stems... ... but "enjoy" is too optimistic.

Endless stems. Do you know how many leaves equal one stem?........ I found myself with those thoughts as I was nearing the stem finish line.

Necessary (?) stems. Do you think the rest of the blocks would look okay without stems?  ;-)

As the stems droned on, I must have dozed for awhile because next thing you know I found myself with two stem ends that were supposed to go UNDER another stem that - you guessed it - was already stitched! 


Spent some quality time with that little red tool.  (It's pointing to the scene of the crime.)

I'm glad GLAD to be past the stems.

Most of the action has been on the Civil War Bride block.

Here's a peak at progress on my redword snowmen BOM.  He's September.  With 10 more blocks after this one, it won't be done for this season. I can live with that.

And some final thoughts to share with you. About giveaways. I love giveaways, but I rarely enter them.

I am amazed at the community that we - YOU - have created. Having a blog and being the recipient of that love, I fully understand the desire to give a gift as a way to say thank you. I know I'll do the same.

Feeling lucky? You've got great odds to win with giveaways. So many giveaways have only 15, 30, or 50 entries. Even the "bigger" ones - like Kellie's (5 in 224), Cathi's (1 in 126), even Kim's (1 in 1227) - give you a great shot.  (Calm down, those are all closed.)

For many of us mail has been nearly reduced to junk. Even bills are going electronic. But to go to the mail and find a package? For moi? Definitely a WOO HOO moment. It never gets old. And to receive something from someone that you've felt a a kinship - a friendship... well, ain't that grand?!

The giveaway gifts are just great! But when I enter, it needs to be something I'll use in the near future. Because there are a lot of gals out there who can crank it out faster than me, and would put it to good use.

Eventually I will get faster at stitching, then ya'll better watch out 'cuz I'll be competing for the winnings with you. LOL


Crispy said...

Ok, I'm weird, I like stitching stems...leaves not so much.

I too do not enter all giveaways, I must be following the blog in the first place and like must be something I would use. It always shocks me when I win.


Karen said...

I'm just finishing a CWB block with some stems and have enjoyed it, but the next block I have selected has lots of stems. We will see, after that, if I still "enjoy" it.

All your stems look wonderful and I love the snowman block.

Carrie P. said...

I like stems. I guess they could be boring to some but I enjoy stitching them.
Giveaways are fun and I don't enter them all either. I am like you and will enter the ones that I would use. A lot of times I won't enter ones of blogs I am not a regular visitor.

Rose Marie said...

Yeah, stems can be boring. I try to get them all done asap so that I can move on to the more interesting part.

I don't enter many giveaways and am always surpised when I do win.